in  this method, the sperm is selected and injected into an egg when the sperm count is too less.

Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection or the ICSI is a part of In Vitro Fertilization (Test tube baby) treatment which is not necessarily used in the IVF procedure. ICSI essentially a form of treatment for infertile males and is used in almost half of the IVF treatments taking place all around the globe. ICSI is used in the cases when the males have a low sperm count or an abnormal looking sperm or the sperm is incapable of moving vigorously. Many clinics around the world  have facilities for  ICSI.BFC Offers ICSI services at lowest rates.

Dr. Bhavani Fertility Centre (BFC) situated at Kukatpally, Hyderabad,India is a world class fertility centre with a reputation for excellence. It is a one stop solution for all the childless couples who are looking for a ray of hope at reasonable and flexible rates. BFC is headed by Prof.Dr.G Bhavani (MBBS, MD, DGO) who is a  highly  qualified and experienced professional when it comes to any of the aspects of infertility treatment.  BFC has indeed established itself as the leading clinic in infertility treatments vis-à-vis all the currently employed medical procedures and latest equipment.

Along with offering the ICSI and IVF treatments, they also excel in providing surrogacy as an option. The parents to be can either arrange for the surrogate themselves or our clinic with the help of a registered agency can help in providing one. BFC also provides special services to their international clients and help in limiting their number of visits and the time of stay in India. Dr. Bhavani Fertility Centre team comprises of  fertility specialists, nurses, counsellors and Doctors who are highly qualified and experienced. For international patients a senior nurse is allocated  for all the requirements and also acts as a liaison person. Their approach in providing infertility solutions are holistic and properly backed by the latest research in fertility treatments and also try to achieve conception in the most natural manner possible first and then by any other artificial method. As an infertility clinic their only goal is to provide proper customized high quality care to their patients. This integrated medical centre possesses consultation rooms for the doctors, an IVF operation theatre, an IVF laboratory (Clean Room), Andrology room, General operation theatre, ICSI machines, Incubators, Labour room and recovery room and AC Suites along with many other facilities available 24*7.

World class latest technology along with highly reputed team of female and male fertility specialists, gynaecologists, physicians, endocrinologists, embryologists and geneticists have truely made Dr. Bhavani Fertility Center one of the best clinics in the country.