IUI Treatment

it is a day-care procedure, in which the sperms are injected into woman's uterus.

The thought of having kids always gets couples excited. With the advancement in the modern lifestyle, there are also changes in the usual functioning of a human’s body.These days more couples suffer from the problems of infertility and therefore, there comes into picture the importance of fertility clinics and specialists. Due to the advancement in technology , there are various options for the treatment concerning fertility issues. Usually many of such fall under Artificial Insemination. Artificial Insemination methods are the most widely and effectively used ones and it is called the Intrauterine Insemination or the IUI. It involves a lab procedure for separating the sluggish and non-moving sperms from the fast moving sperms which are then implanted into the female’s womb near the time of the ovulation. This technique of conceiving is recommended at times when infertility is unexplained or is secondary to the male factor or is caused by tubal blockage.

It is a difficult and time consuming procedure and every woman going through this kind of treatment will need extra care in terms of technology and counselling. Dr. Bhavani Fertility Centre (BFC) is the pioneer when it comes to providing a treatment which is a combination of both. The integrated medical center headed by Dr. Prof. Mrs. Guda Bhavani, who possesses more than 25 years of experience, is located in Hyderabad,India. Their team of dedicated specialists, latest equipments, high success rate and affordability make it one of the top clinics for providing all kinds of infertility treatments. When it comes to the cases of IUI, they particularly monitor the female's follicular phase by various ultrasound and Hormonal tests and assist in adjusting the schedules of insemination for coinciding with the ovulation. The insemination procedure undertaken by them is very thorough and involves the placement of fractions of motile sperms in the uterine cavity of the females.

Along with offering such thorough IUI treatments and services, BFC offers a complete range of every kind of infertility services which are among the best in the country. Along with providing  the IUI services, they offer IVF treatments, ICSI and SURROGACY services. The cost of IUI services vary from one centre to another but the packages and offers provided by the BFC are the most competitive  which cannot be provided by any other clinic. They also offer special services to the international clients at rates which are more affordable than their own countries. They provide the most ethical, diligent, holistic and personalized infertility solutions customized as per the requirements of  each individual. Dr. Bhavani Fertility Center is indeed a one stop solution which provides all comprehensive infertility treatment options for male and female infertility problems at lowest rates.