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IUI Treatment

it is a day-care procedure, in which the sperms are injected into woman's uterus. The thought

IVF Treatment

is a procedure, where the eggs will be fertilized outside the woman's body in a laboratory. I


in  this method, the sperm is selected and injected into an egg when the sperm count is too les


is an arrangement in which a woman carries a child in her womb for other  couple or parent. The


all male sexual problems, will be addressed here by the andrologist. Andrology is the speciality


diagnostic and corrective surgeries in a day-care, through a keyhole method. Laparoscopic operati

Painless Delivery

the word painless is soothing to any anxious pregnant woman dreaming about delivering a baby. Epi

High Risk Pregnancy

pregnancies with compli -cations will be treated with high expertise by a senior doctor. A Pregna